Sunday, November 23, 2008

A question of quality...

It seems to be survey season just now, at least in the world we expats inhabit.

Following our recent reporting of an Alliance & Leicester poll of expats (see the post below), now we see a large survey carried out for HSBC International, based on a huge sample of 2,155 expats in 48 countries, snappily entitled "Offshore Offspring"!

The survey focused on quality of life and cost of living issues relating to family life overseas and included factors such as the cost of raising a family, time spent outdoors, languages learned, study time, and whether parents believed that their children would remain in the country as adults. The summary report covers the 14 countries that yielded enough results to be significant in the survey.

Well, if another survey is of interest, you can see the detailed results by following the link below - but for this British expat in France there were some points of particular interest... while Spain is rated as the cheapest country to raise a family, the UK is the most expensive, at fourteenth position.... for the overall results, rating all factors in the survey, I was pleased to see that France is second only to Spain!

If you are contemplating making a lifestyle leap, you can gorge on statistics, graphs and detailed comments here...

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