Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The most taxing problems...

In the spotlight just recently has been Liechenstein, currently the object of various investigations and suggestions that it is one of three "uncooperative" tax havens. Without wishing to make moral judgement on countries offering total financial privacy for tax purposes, this does raise the obvious point, although one that we have barely touched upon so far, that the prevailing economic conditions and outlook must play a significant part in any potential expat's decision about making the move to foreign shores (or should I say "off-shores"?).

Well, one has to be rich to need to take such radical tax measures, and not many of us can take advantage of such havens, but where we might only speculate as to how much the cuisine, culture, language, etc., of a particular country will influence our decision, it is fairly certain that financial considerations will play a great part for most of us - as Bill Clinton's campaign message said, "It's the economy, stupid"!

So, in coming posts we will consider what financial and economic factors expats should investigate as they research or plan the big move... the economy, the cost of living, property prices, exchange rates, taxes and social charges... contributions in comments will be most welcome!

Meanwhile, on with my personal research - heads for Monaco, tails for Andorra...

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