Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas stories from around the world...

A timely return in this holiday period for 245 and Counting... after an unexpected break. Amongst the many festive articles and end-of-year reviews, it was interesting to come across a BBC feature* where a number of British expats around the world share their thoughts about Christmas from a wonderful variety of exotic countries. It is fascinating to hear how individuals in different locations celebrate this time abroad and particularly what they are nostalgic for (a traditional British Christmas dinner seemed to feature prominently, although one might wonder how even the most ardent fans could cope with a roast mean and steamed pudding in some climates - even with air-conditioning!).

However, even more relevant to 245 and Counting... the brief introduction to the feature stating that almost 10% of the UK population now lives permanently abroad! If that amounts to approximately 5 - 6 million people... wow! This is a fairly recognised figure, previously documented, and if it is in any way representative of expatriate tendencies in other countries, what potential for an expat blog...

Photo: Kerry A Adamo


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